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Viraman Company (Private Joint-stock) was established in 1982 and registered as a non-oil export company in Iran. From the beginning, the Company started its activity, in processing, sorting, packaging and export of different types of saffron, pistachio in shell and pistachio kernel… 



Saffron is obtained from the purple flower of a plant called Crocus Sativus L. and is changed into commercial product of saffron after drying of stigmas…

Asset 4pistachio (Large)



Pistachio nut is the fruit of a treelike plant (scientific name of Pistachio Vera) that grows in clusters. The kernel is yellowish green and covered by a peel firmly adhered thereto…

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Any Types of Saffron

Since 1982

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The Top Exporter

of the Year for 3 Times

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Equipped Modern Labs

and Facilities

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