Forecast of production of more than 20 tons of saffron in North Khorasan this year

The head of the Agricultural Jihad Organization announced the production of more than 20 tons of saffron gems from the farms of this province this year. In an interview with ISNA, Dr. Abdullah Yousefi, referring to the beginning of saffron flower harvesting from the farms of this province, said: The financial value of saffron produced […]

50% reduction in saffron production in Torbat Heydariyeh

According to the Khorasan Razavi Center Radio News Agency; The director of Torbat Heydariyeh Agricultural Jihad said: Torbat Heydariyeh is known as the center of production of this product in the world by producing quality saffron and reducing saffron production by 50% in Torbat Heydariyeh. Hossein Mohammadi added: “This year, due to the continuation of […]

Prediction of 35% decrease in saffron production in Khorasan Razavi this year

ISNA / Khorasan Razavi The Deputy Minister of Crop Production Improvement of Khorasan Razavi Jihad Agricultural Organization announced a 35% decrease in saffron production in the province compared to last year and said: “Last year, saffron production was 302 tons, but this year it will be less than 200 tons.” In an interview with ISNA, […]

Prediction of harvesting 60 tons of pistachios from the gardens of West Azerbaijan

According to the report of Mahabad Center of Radio and Television News Agency; The Deputy Minister of Crop Production Improvement of the West Azerbaijan Agricultural Jihad Organization said: “According to the forecasts, 60 tons of pistachios will be harvested from 125 hectares of fertile orchards in West Azerbaijan this year.” Jafar Vahdat added: Pistachio planting […]

Use of “pistachio” gum in a drink for patients with diabetes

Salamat News: Researchers of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences prepared a kind of dough containing pistachio gum or coriander gum for patients with diabetes and it was found that this drink can be effective in improving the sugar and fat indices of these patients. According to Salamat News, one of the complications of diabetes is […]

The National Festival “Pistachio” in Rafsanjan

In an interview with a Fars reporter in Rafsanjan today, Hassan Hosseini said: “The people of Rafsanjan have been cultivating pistachios for about a century, and the largest man-made artificial forest in the world has been created by the people of this land and besides agriculture and pistachio cultivation.” Which has affected the lives of […]

Production situation in the red gold market

Donya’e Eghtesad – Tayebeh Moradi: A 4.5 percent decrease in agricultural production in the spring of this year compared to the same period last year, according to the Statistics Center, is an important alarm that shows that the drought has a real impact on the agricultural market. This is while saffron is one of the […]

Detection of counterfeit saffron using artificial intelligence

Donya’e Eghtesad : Saffron, as a valuable medicinal plant, is one of the oldest and most expensive spices in the world, which has a special place among Iran’s industrial and export products. The high price of this product has caused it to be abused by profiteers in various ways. A member of the faculty of […]

Gonabad University will host the 6th National Saffron Conference

According to the provincial correspondent of Daneshjoo News Agency, the sixth national conference on saffron will be held in November this year at Gonabad University. This conference is planned in the fields of saffron production technologies, post-harvest technologies and saffron applications, and saffron marketing and ecotourism. The deadline for submitting articles to the secretariat of […]