U.S. – Pistachios – Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights

In 2021, production of pistachios in the U.S. will break previous years’ records thanks to large yields and an increase in the bearing average. This will enable an expansion of exports, primarily to the EU and China, and retaining stable prices on the domestic market. Heading into 2022, the U.S. will strengthen its position in […]

Pistachio processing was optimized with Iranian knowledge-based machines

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, a company had been designing and manufacturing automatic pistachio processing machines on its agenda since 1976. Over the years, the company has designed and manufactured various machines to increase the productivity of pistachio harvesting. According to Hossein Shahsavari, CEO of Daneshbanian […]

Pistachio Museum to be set up in Rafsanjan

The governor of Rafsanjan said: the work of creating a pistachio museum in Rafsanjan as the birthplace and origin of pistachios in Iran will be key next week. According to the Mehr correspondent, Majid Fassihi Harandi said on Wednesday night at the closing ceremony of the Employment Photo Festival: “Behind every good event, there are […]

Pistachio Production Forecast & Report

USA Pistachio Report The 2020/2021 crop has been updated slightly up from the previous forecast of 469,000 metric tons (1.03 billion lbs., in-shell basis) and is now estimated at around 477,000 metric tons (1.05 billion lbs.). US shipments last year added up to over 266,000 metric tons (588 million lbs.). This year’s demand leading up to […]

Estimated World Pistachio Production

According to the Iran Pistachio Association, year to date (September 23, 2020-January 20, 2021) international shipments added up to around 106,000 tons of pistachios, only one third of 2007 and 2014 record crop years. About 60% of the starting inventory had already been shipped during the first four months of the current marketing year, which […]

Happy Ramadan

Congratulations to all Muslims around the world on Ramadan! During Ramadan, pistachio consumption increases due to its nutritious nature among fasters. Pistachio has many benefits for fasting people due to its properties. Viraman Company, as one of the largest suppliers of pistachios in Iran, is ready to supply pistachios to you fasting people.